Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cam's Projects

I'm not the only one being creative around the house. Cam, who has been afraid of hanging anything on the wall ever since our IKEA shelf came crashing down on us in 2006, has been hanging and mounting things around our condo ever since we moved in.

Our condo is a finished loft space, which means for the most part there is only a thin piece of drywall covering solid concrete. With the use of a hammer drill, pretty much anything can be hung up with confidence.

First, he put these shelving units in our washroom:
(note: we love Kitchen Stuff Plus! The baskets and art are from there too)

Then, Cam hung our pot rack above the island (such a space saver!!):

This week, after a recent TV upgrade, he mounted our old tv from the ceiling at the foot of our bed. Given the small size of our bedroom and the fact that the sliding door needs to get by, this is a genius solution!

Finally, he mounted a small wall shelf and mail/key station at our front door. We've been looking for a hall table, but they're all so big or so expensive. This inexpensive solution here solves our problem of somewhere to drop our keys, wallets and mail and takes up almost no space at all!

So what should we put up next? Any other space saving ideas for condo-living? Feel free to comment below with suggestions!

P.S. Note to self: Take better photos.

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