Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coffee Filter Flowers

Beautiful flower, right? Even better - its made of coffee filters! Yet again, I've been inspired by Pinterest.

This photo is from Brown Paper Packages, who made a gorgeous bouquet following Michella Maria's tutorial found here. Michella's tutorial is so great, I'm not going to replicate it. I'll just refer you to her.

However, I did learn a few tips and tricks along the way that I can share.

(1) This is an art, not a science.

It's less important to follow the tutorial exactly right, and more important to get the hang of the general idea of the technique. Your first few tries will NOT look as good as you hope (but keep at it!).

Tip #1: Don't start with the recommended 10 coffee filters. Use fewer until you get the hang of it - they'll be easier to work with - and then add more as you become comfortable.

Tip #2: Maybe I'm just a messy person, or I bought cheap coffee filters, but my coffee filter became soggy and ripped while trying to glue it to the floral wire. I found it much easier to adhere it using wrapped floral tape, like this:

On that note...

(2) Floral tape is the stickiest material I've ever used.

Unless you've used it before, look into how to use floral tape. I found these tips helpful. Most importantly:

Tip #3: Floral tape must be stretched in order for it to stick to itself. Otherwise, you think you're tightly wrapping the flower, and it all falls out. I found it easiest to break of a manageable piece, and stretch it out before beginning to work with it. Like this:

(3) Once you get the hang of it - it's easy!

Once you master the technique, they really only take a few minutes to make. Then you can transfer your skills to other types of flowers like daffodils or coloured roses!

Here's a photo of an almost-finished flower, with Zander helping:

And finally... a whole bouquet decorating my washroom:

Update: I found these pretty silver stones (2 x $1.99, IKEA) to add to the vase. This project is officially complete now!

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