Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Hot Chocolate Favors

Cam and I really embraced the winter theme of our wedding and wanted to give our guests a practical favor that captured the season. While we considered all sorts of ideas, we kept coming back to giving out hot chocolate as a favor. Unfortunately, all that came to mind were images like this, which neither of us were impressed by:

So, we didn't commit to the idea and continued our search. Until we came across this:

Photo Source: The Inspired Bride

That was it. Decision made, we were in love. Classy, simple and could be tailored to our colour scheme. This photo and idea came from The Inspired Bride who posted a step-by-step tutorial here.

We used the materials she recommended, purchasing the vials from SKS Bottles and printing her tags which she kindly provided a PDF template for. It couldn't get any easier! We purchased three different kinds of hot chocolate from the Bulk Barn - White, Milk and Mint hot chocolates - and filled 300+ vials.

After scouring Queen Street West for the perfect ribbon (when you get married, suddenly perfect ribbon becomes irrationally critical), we wrapped one of each kind of hot chocolate vial up and tied on the tags.

Voila! Our finished product:


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