Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homemade Gifts Pt. 2: Canvas Log Carrier

My second and most significant homemade gift was a Canvas Log Carrier. The recipient carves wood and enjoys his backyard fire pit, so I figured it would be a useful gift.

All I needed was some canvas material, straps, dowels, thread, and the excellent step by step tutorial from An Oregon Cottage. When the tutorial says all you need is basic sewing skills - it's true. Straight lines and folding is all it takes to make this.

As I hemmed the edges and made pockets for the dowels, Zander was right there getting in the way helping. Seriously, as I sewed the entire line in the middle photo, he didn't move. I managed to maneuver the material above and around him, and he wasn't bothered in the least.

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