Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Cardbox

I spent a lot of time online while planning our wedding, sharing ideas with other brides. One thing that really inspired me was seeing beautiful tiered card boxes. Many reminded me of wedding cakes.

Side tangent re: wedding cakes. Cam and I didn't have one at our wedding. Neither one of us was that interested in it and we refused to feel the pressure to do something or spend money on something for the sake of tradition or what was expected. I really don't think anyone missed the cake and we don't have any regrets.

However, if I DID have a cake - I know exactly what it would have looked like. Three white tiers with silver sparkle or crystal embellishment around the bottom of each tier. This became the inspiration for our card box.

We found three nesting boxes at the local dollar store. We cut out square holes in the lid of the bottom box, the top and bottom of the middle box, and the bottom of the top box - so that cards would be able to fall all the way through. We cut a slit in the top of the smallest box, big enough for cards to be dropped through.

Next, we wrapped batting around the outside of each piece. It is an optional step that was likely more hassle than it was worth. We did it to add a softer contour to the card box and to prevent the light blue pattern from showing through the thin satin material we used to cover it.

We unfortunately didn't take many photos of the process otherwise this would be a more thorough tutorial, but this is what the box looked like part-way through. The boxes are only sitting on each other and have not yet been glued together:

Once all three levels were wrapped in batting, we wrapped them in white satin fabric. The glue gun failed us at this stage, and we ultimately ended up using a combination of duct tape and staples to keep it together. The inside of our cardbox was UGLY. (shhh..)

Luckily the glue gun worked to glue all three pieces together. We added some ribbon using double sided tape, some sparkly snowflake accents, and we were finished!

Note the Christmas tree and presents in the background. We made the card box this time last year. 

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