Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes!

My shoes were the favorite part of my bridal attire. Don't get me wrong, I loved my dress. These shoes were my Cinderella shoes though - they were made especially for me.

The shoe itself was RSVP's Lovely ordered in Ivory satin:

Then, the talented Nora from the Etsy shop NoraKaren worked her magic to hand paint (yes paint!) my shoes.

I had heard about her work from another bride online. I loved her style, but browsing her online store it was mostly peacock themes and designs much too bright for what I was going for. I took a chance, and reached out to her about doing some custom work. I'm so glad I did! She agreed and went to work designing a "winter wonderland" based on my very vague descriptions of what I had in mind.

I'll share the evolution of the design process:

Although her work was typically bright, I asked that we keep it neutral - white, ivory, greys. We also contemplated a bit of purple, one of the wedding's accent colours. So, Nora initially sent me these ideas:

After seeing these sketches, I decided to eliminate the purple and grey, and keep it all different shades of white. I liked the lines on the top right shoe, it reminded me of blowing snow in a snowstorm. Nora mentioned she could layer snowflakes by painting them on top of each other. After a bit of discussion she sent me this revised sketch:

This is the moment I knew we were on the same page and understood each other. I told her I trusted her vision and Nora set to work.

After the first layer of painting, Nora sent me an update with these pictures:

 A day later, she had added more painting and sent me another update with photos:

As a final touch, Nora added beautiful rhinestones throughout, to match the heels. She sent me photos of the finished shoe:

The professional photos of the shoes on my wedding day:

I absolutely adored my shoes on my wedding day. I've since worn them for one or two special occasions, but they are otherwise proudly on display in my home. Who knew I'd be THAT woman with a pair of shoes on display?

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