Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cake Ball Fail

I'm not afraid to admit my failures. After all, that's the only way to learn from them. So, what I intended to be a tutorial has turned into a "How NOT To..." post. Enjoy :)

You know those adorable cake pops sold at Starbucks? Yeah, these:

They are a popular single serve treat and the newest trend in baking. Cake balls are the same thing without the stick. I always thought they would be difficult to make until I spoke with a friend who was about to make a batch while chasing her two kids and preparing for the company she was about to host for Christmas. She assured me they were quick and easy to make. "Just crumble cake, mix it with icing, form balls and coat them in melted chocolate", she said. Four steps. Seems easy enough.

Not so much.

It started out well. I crumbled some cake, mixed in a bit of icing and formed balls:

Unfortunately, it was the coating them in melted chocolate that didn't work so well:

Cake Ball Fail
 I see now that a few things went wrong. 
  1. There's a reason why these things are typically made on sticks. They're hard to handle and dipping would have been much easier. Candy sticks have gone on my Michaels shopping list.
  2. I need a double boiler. Or I at least should have tried the homemade version (a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan). As it was, I melted my chocolate in the microwave. After its removed from heat, the chocolate solidifies fast. Too fast to coat even one cake ball. 
  3. My cake pops *may* have been too soft. When I try this again (and I will), I'll be more careful with the icing and do some research into the right consistency. 
Have you successfully made cake balls? Comment below with any tips.

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