Friday, February 3, 2012

Momma & Me in Mexico

I'm back from paradise nice and relaxed with a tan. Momma took me for a week long vacation to the El Dorado Royale as a 25th Birthday gift.

Side note: Remember how excited she was for my birthday? She was just as excited for Mexico!

We got up early most days - usually around 6:30am. No, I'm not kidding. That's what happens when you travel with your mom (or at least my mom).

It was a great routine to get into that I really appreciated. We even saw the sun rise! After an early breakfast and delicious coffee we were changed into our swimsuits and tanning for hours in our own private swim-up area, with a view of the beach and Caribbean Sea.

On our way to lunch we would stop and say hello to the many local iguanas, including this one just across the lazy river from our room:

Mom got up close with one the staff told us was named Pancho:

A favorite lunch dish of mine was the taquitos - much better than the frozen ones I microwave at home:

Back in our room we were greeted by beautiful towel art. This elephant was my favorite!

Our afternoons were spent doing activities like archery, water balloon fights and trivia contests, or simply reading and swimming at the pool or the beach.

Each evening we enjoyed amazing food - our favorite was the formal Italian restaurant with delicious portobello soup and lobster lasagna that I'll be craving for months.

An excellent trip and I just want to say:

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