Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost Themed Birthday - Free Printables

My mom came up with the idea of a lost-themed birthday party for her significant other, so I scoured the internet for ideas, inspiration and fun printables.

The whole thing was a surprise but we tipped off the birthday boy around 8pm, about 2 hours before the party would start. We arranged for him to be given a mysterious letter from the Dharma Initiative inviting him to the party and an authentic looking boarding pass.

I can't take credit for the amazing boarding pass, the editable template can be found here.
Luckily I found Max Pictures who has designed and made available for free, tonnes of professional Lost / Dharma printables. Check out the list. You could literally label your entire pantry with these printables!

We kept it simple and used the beer lables to cover the birthday boy's beer:


Finally, I took the opportunity to do some inspired baking. I created these delicious chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese icing. Using smashed up toy planes and some plants my mom had on hand, we decorated plane-crash themed cupcakes:

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