Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hunt: Perfect Nursery Chair

Finding the perfect nursery chair has turned out to be one of the hardest parts of putting together Baby Jack's nursery. We have been actively researching, browsing and trying out chairs, rockers and gliders for months.

We finally made a decision and ordered one!

I could show which one we picked, but what fun would that be? Instead, you'll have to first scroll through the many chairs that ultimately didn't make the cut. Bear with me, it'll be a long journey.

Our criteria: it had to be comfortable, stylish/modern, small enough to fit nicely in the room and rock or glide. I knew I didn't want a traditional rocking chair - the Dutailier ones that are widely available at a great price at Walmart or Toys R Us - it just isn't my style (and it would be too easy, right?).

Since we had decided on the Babyletto crib and dresser/change table, my first instinct was to buy the complete package including this Babyletto glider:
Babyletto Kyoto Glider
Trying it out in store, we weren't so impressed with it. It was okay, but was bulky/large looking and we weren't sold on it. That's fine, we have time, "let's keep looking", we said.

We loved a Dear Born Baby rocking chair / recliner that was so incredibly comfortable. It was plush, soft, and had a remote control to recline. A remote control! So if baby fell asleep, you could recline and fall asleep yourself without disturbing him. I can't find a photo, but it looked something like this (without the manual recline bar):  

Rocker from Dear Born Baby
 On the comfiness factor alone, we were sold. Unfortunately the chair itself was huge and in full recline, would have taken up 70% of the room. The fabric choices were also disappointing, so it just wasn't going to happen.

Babyletto also makes the Nara Glider, but wouldn't that cushion overhang drive you nuts? Or is it just me?

Babyletto Nara Glider
Periodically through our hunt IKEA would inevitably be brought into the discussion. This classic rocker is small and affordable, but in no way did we seriously consider it.

IKEA Poang
Don't get me wrong, we love IKEA, but we were looking to make a little more investment in this piece of furniture.

EQ3 recently opened in Liberty Village and we wandered in one afternoon to see if they had any options and we found this stylish, fun and unique rocker:
EQ3 James Rocker
It was small and simple. It would be a conversation piece. Something I could see staying in a child's room through their teenage years. And it came in Orange. Orange being one of our accent colours, we really liked the idea of a statement piece - something fun and bright to liven up the nursery. The rest of our furniture has been black, brown, grey - we play it safe. This was a risk we were willing to take.

Honestly, we were sold on this one for awhile. Sitting it in, it was comfortable. I was a bit awkward getting up and down and rocking, but Cam assured me this was "user error" and I needed to get used to it, since he was fine in it.

Unfortunately, the width and depth of the chair was just a bit large for the room, and would not have fit well. We decided this wasn't our chair.

Hoping to still get something in the Orange EQ3 fabric, we considered this more traditional swivel glider:
Around the same time, we discovered Monte chairs, a Toronto-based company that makes the kinds of rockers / gliders we had been looking for. These two were on my list of options for awhile, and I liked the winged look of the one on the right:

Left: Monte Luca Glider Right: Monte Vola Glider
Unfortunately they were still big and bulky looking. Although they would fit (barely), they would take up a presence in the room that I wasn't convinced on.

Size and presence in the room become important to me, which is when I discovered the classic Eames Rocking Chair and several very affordably priced knock-offs:
Eames Moulded Plastic Rocker
It had a small footprint and the open bottom really limited the space the chair took up visually. It comes in bright colours! Could we have our chair? Absolutely not. My mom said it looked like a school chair and Cam refused to even consider anything plastic. This idea was shot down real quick.

For awhile we seriously talked about if we even needed a chair. We were ready to give up on our hunt. We also have a regular slipper chair that I offered to recover to match the nursery.

But then, we found a chair that met all of our criteria. It is small, doesn't take up a lot of space visually, stylish, and comes in orange. Most importantly, we both agreed on it. And so, finally, our chair:

Monte Joya Rocker
 It'll take 6-8 weeks to deliver (just in time for baby!) and I can't wait to see it in our nursery!! 


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