Monday, October 1, 2012

The iPhone 5 - It's Here!

It's here!!

Ever since my iPhone 4 was stolen this Spring I have been looking forward to the anticipated and then scheduled launch of the iPhone 5. Going back to the 3G was painful, but since my other option was to pay $400 + to buy back my phone (or someone else's phone) from Craigslist, I opted to wait it out and put that money towards this beauty:

So now that it's here, what am I looking forward to the most? Social Media.

Not being able to open facebook or twitter on my phone (its just too much for the poor 3G to handle) and not being able to take a decent photo (IF the camera loaded, it was a 5-10 second lag between pressing the button and the photo being captured) has really impacted the way I interact online. I've even started blogging less, because it's been too difficult to capture photos of my projects and the world around me. And what's a blog without photos? Don't even get me started on Instagram, which I had to give up months ago.

Beyond that, having a working iPhone will mean I can be productive on the go - syncing calendars and multiple email accounts, downloading and using clever apps and having my Kobo library with me even when my Kobo Vox isn't.

The ability to google something while out has been something I missed terribly.

And no more asking Cam... "Hey, can I borrow your phone?"  

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