Thursday, December 6, 2012

Melted Snowmen Cookies

These melted snowmen have to be one of my favorite Christmas Cookies I've made. Just looking at them makes me laugh. I imagine them yelling "Ooooh Noooo!" as they realize their fate.

Being super-pregnant this year I didn't tackle the fondant needed for the heads, so this is a recap post from last year's cookies - which I never did blog specifically about.

As far as an effort to impressiveness ratio goes, these cookies are awesome. People are wow'd by them, and they really are simple to make.

The hardest part is mastering the fondant for the heads. Of course, you can always go to Michael's and buy Wilton's pre-made, ready to use fondant.  I prefer the sweet taste of home made marshmallow fondant (or MMF) and have posted a tutorial here.

First, start with a ball of white fondant:

Colour a small portion orange:


And form heads with orange carrot noses:

The eyes and mouths are drawn on with Edible Food Markers.

Once these are ready, flood cookies of pretty much any shape with royal icing (tutorial here) and add the heads and chocolate chip buttons. The arms should be added last, once the white icing has a chance to dry.

Easy right?

And just because I'm so proud of them, I'm posting the photo again:

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